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How to Get Published: Two Takeaways from the League of Utah Writers Summer Symposium (2018)

On June 16, 2018, the League of Utah Writers (LUW) held its Summer Writers Symposium at the University of Utah. The symposium covered a broad spectrum of topics from the value of poetry to the agenting vs. independent publishing debate. I had two main takeaways from the event.

#1 Success at Self-Publishing Means Sustained Hard Work (…And Probably Isn’t for Me)
Indie romance author Cami Checketts led a session titled: “Self-Publishing: Is It Right for You?” She provided some practical advice about different marketing sites (Bookbub) and the importance of sharing success and building a friendly community of co-writers and “cheerleaders.” Before taking the self-publishing path, Ms. Checketts had a literary agent and was traditionally published, but found consistent success challenging and traditional pathways restrictive. She was also not a fan of the publisher’s sizable cut.
The main takeaway of Checketts’s talk for me was that self-publishing is an all-in path to success. Ms. Checketts…