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Mistborn Trilogy Review: 3/5 or 6.5/10

The Skinny: At the end of the day, there are better fantasy stories out there than Mistborn—probably from Sanderson himself.
Full Review: The Mistborn Trilogy, by Brandon Sanderson

In 2009 I broke ground on my first major sci-fi series. Somewhere around two-and-a-half books into writing, I attended my first writers’ conference in downtown Chicago, at an old hotel on Michigan Avenue. Though I write fiction fairly profusely considering I’m not being paid a living wage to do it, I prefer memoirs, biographies, and journalism over most fiction. Authors who write in these genres tend to have a stronger grasp of the nuts and bolts of good writing and compelling narrative, while a lot of speculative fiction authors are great with broad concepts and intriguing ideas and worldbuilding at the expense of compelling prose. Though the latter fascinates me when done well, the former is necessary for me to truly enjoy a story.
In seeking advice from readers around this time, acclaimed author Brandon Sa…