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Ark Book 2.5: Goddess from the Machine

After gaining some killer advice at the Chicago Writing Workshop 2016, I cut up the first Ark novel, An Autumn Veil, into the first two Ark novels: A Flood of Silence (previously: A Steel Horizon)and An Autumn Veil.

Book 3, A Labyrinth of Smoke, is still in the works, and book 2 has been undergoing restructuring now that it's standing on its own two feet. I've also been working on book 2.5: Goddess from the Machine.

Though properly a spin-off of the larger Ark saga, GftM features a plot and characters with touch points to AFoS and AAV, especially its protagonist and one other major character. It provides a fleshed-out background story for ALoS. Beta readers have already expressed appreciation of the characters and plot.

GftM is different than anything I've written. Originally a character study of an important, tangential character from AAV, the histories of the characters of the original short quickly overtook the narrative, ultimately demanding a more mature treatment. On…