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Great Review of the Quantum Fall of Thaddeus Archibald DuBois

I'm happy to report that reviews for the Quantum Fall of Thaddeus Archibald DuBois are overwhelmingly positive. Here's one of my favorites from episode 1, Peter Pan Complexes for the 21st-Century Man:

I had the opportunity to read a draft of the story prior to publication, and just finished reading the finished product moments ago.

QUANTUM FALL is a first-person present narrative, with the author as its main protagonist, and it involves time travel. Normally, this combination of elements would cause me grave concern, and in fact it did despite Mr. Martin's reputation. I confess, I was terrified by this prospect of first-person-present-autobiographical-time-travel-fiction.

I am extremely pleased to report to you, potential readers, that my fears were not only unfounded, I found myself a tremendous fan of the book even before I was done reading the acknowledgements. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Daniel Rodrigues-Martin is a capable and witty author--clearly well-read and versed in the art of crafting prose without becoming prosaic. His dialogue is amusing and crisp, his characters straddle the fence between the real and fantastic, and I hope he is willing to report to Mr. DuBois that this reviewer looks forward to reading more of their strange adventures through spacetime.

This is the first installment of what promises to be a fun-filled steampunk alt-history serial. It is a quick read, but worth every red cent on Kindle. I will be waiting in earnest for more, and recommend that you join me. It was a tossup between 4 and 5 stars, but I tend to be a little stingy with that last star on first-in-series books.

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