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An Autumn Veil: Final Chapter Listing

It'll be six years in November since I began An Autumn Veil.

I'm going through my final edits. Hopefully, the next people who edit this manuscript will be professional agents and editors.

Here's the final chapter listing.

Prologue: The Prose Of Photius, Record 1: The Burning Night

1: The Autumn Garden
2: Midnight
3: Ghosts of Chimon-Jing
4: The Trainman
5: The Conclave
6: What Friends Are For
7: Helmsman's Folly
8: The Merchant Arcade
9: A Special Place in Hell
10: We Should Be Sleeping
11: If The Stars Are Willing
12: Broken Promises
13: The Only Life I've Ever Known
14: A Well To Draw From
15: What Tomorrow Holds
16: A Lovely Day
17: Revelations
18: City On The Winds
19: Storm Clouds
20: Event Horizon
21: To Reap A Whirlwind
22: Falling
23: The Heavens Remained Silent

Interlude: The Prose Of Photius, Record 2: The Rain Of Ash

24: Awakenings
25: Prison Cell(s)
26: The Voice On The Other Side
27: Greasers
28: The Knowledge Of Good And Evil
29: A Letter From A Murderer
30: Into The Hinterlands
31: I Am Of The Gifted
32: Judsung Hollow
33: The Wrong Business
34: The Bridge Of Noph
35: A Good Death

Interlude: A Convergence Of Fates, Part 1: The New Guy

36: Four Things
37: Hell And All Its Demons
38: Where I'll Stand
39: Puzzle Pieces And Pawn Coins
40: One Of Us
41: The Talisman
42: Signed, An Anonymous Appreciator Of Fine Mechanics
43: A Convergence Of Fates, Part 2: Which Way To Go
44: Arcologies
45: Staying Dead
46: Lost And Found
47: A Threshold Of Courage
48: A Root Of Evil
49: Truth
50: Starlight
51: The Dryad
52: The Nonagon Directive
53: Deja Vu
54: The Blood On Our Hands
55: The Trainman And The Magistra
56: A Convergence Of Fates, Part 3: I Won't Let You Fall

Epilogue: The Prose Of Photius, Record 3: The Flood Of Silence

PROTIP: The second novel is called A Labyrinth of Smoke. And since you've been so kind to read this far, here is the current chapter listing.

Prologue: Rickshaw Lake

1: The Cloud Atrium
2: Ghosts In The Flame
3: Children In Tree Branches
4: The First Scar
5: Subsidence
6: The Conspirators
7: Coin, Fire, Ice, Blood

If you've been with me this long, you've got my thanks.