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Book Review: Currently Untitled (Book 2 of the Darwinverse) by Ian McLeod

See my review of McLeod's novel here.

The quality of "Currently Untitled" is such that I don't feel a need to pad my review or give an extra star or two because I know the author personally.

Currently Untitled is a third-person omniscient narrative mainly following the existential crises of the forty-something Angus Agnew Pilcrow Anderson. Angus stumbles along the line between the Baby Boomer and X generations, throwing extravagant parties in his suburban Chicago McMansion, bedding ex-girlfriends from high school, paying alimony and child support out of his overflowing bank account (he made his money in real estate) while he bangs away at what he believes will be the next Great American Novel, though every indication from the narration indicates his manuscript may find better use as toilet paper.

Angus's inflated self-image and cliched response to pretty much everything are not lost on the omniscient Hardy, who highlights through a unique deadp…