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An Autumn Veil: Nearing Completion

Current Word Count: ~192,000
Listening to: The Greatest Video Game Music 2
Playing: Bioshock Infinite

I'm so close to being done that I can feel it. I can feel it like it's my neck!

At some point in early 2013, I decided that I had made enough progress in Autumnveil (by the way, book one of the series is called Autumnveil now) and that I would no longer be posting random Facebook status updates with the current number of words. The next word count update, I proclaimed, would occur when the first draft of the novel was complete. This was on one level a point of pride: "Not until I've reached the summit shall ye hear from me again!" On the other hand, I was really tired of being told that my word count was over 9,000.

Okay, only partly tired.

So, I'm not done yet, and if you're paying attention to the date on this entry, you will see that it is July. What can I say? I plugged away ferociously during the first half of the spring 2013 semester,…