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Burn the Maps*

Burn the Maps is the fifth studio album of The Frames, one of my all-time favorite bands.

Current Word Count: ~122,500
Pages: ~535 double-spaced
Listening to: Final Fantasy VII OST: Holding My Thoughts in My Heart by Nobuo Uematsu ____

This will be an embarrassing blog post.
It will be embarrassing because I'm going to reveal some of my very earliest ideas about ARK. I've said in the past that I spent three months working hard on background context before I ever put pen to paper on chapter one, and during that period of pre-production, one of my first projects was creating a map of the World.
I recall quite clearly an episode from when I began work on the map. At the time I was living at the home of my dear friends the Ethridges in Yorktown while teaching in their small church. I was finishing my very first session working on the map in MS paint when I turned to see Allie peeking in a catlike manner at my project (in my mind she was hiding behind something and I only saw her eyes). …