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Remember, Remember (A day late, but.)

Word Count: 116,500 Page Count: 502 Double-Spaced Listening to: The Last Airbender: We are Now the Gods by James Newton Howard ____
Yesterday marks the two year anniversary of the completion of the first draft of the first chapter of ARK.
One year ago the manuscript contained 90,000 words, this year, just over 116,000. It is startling to think that in one year I wrote 90,000 words and the next less than a third of that.
It’s been a difficult year of writing. I mentioned in a previous blog that it took six months to write the climax (chapters 18-23, respectively) of act (or “book”) one. The events of the climax, while complex, still needed to be believable. As my own biggest critic, I asked myself constantly why something less complex wouldn’t have happened, or why this or that wasn’t present in a certain scene when we could reasonably expect it would have been.
When I finished book one, I told myself I was not going to go back and edit the inconsistencies. I know they…