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Commission Drawing 2

Current word count: 99,000 (100,000 needed for level up!)
Listening to: the Last Samurai soundtrack

I've decided that the prospect of a romantic relationship with a woman is detrimental to the creative process. If I ever want to finish this novel, I'm going to have to take an actual tonsure.

That doesn't really have anything to do with the topic of this blog.

I mentioned in my last entry that I had commissioned a second artist to do a drawing of two characters. Well, after a month of wrestling with the language barrier (the artist is Brazillian) the drawing is in. Is it perfect? By no means. Am I much more satisifed with it than with the previous? You'd better believe it.

I figure this is a good opportunity to talk a little more about the process by which the Linus character came about, as, if you haven't guessed, he is one of the subjects. The other is Tru. For those of you who have been following the story, this should come as no surprise.

The Linus character has been…