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Tunes to Groove to

The past few days have been productive, totaling some 3,000+ additional words. Currently, I am running at 96,000 words on the whole, with over 10,000 in chapter 19 (my current) equating to about 75% of that chapter's completion.

I've taken a very interesting step by commissioning an artist to do a piece of concept art. I've received an initial sketch, and after payment goes through on Wednesday, the final result will be displayed in an upcoming blog. I'm excited to see what she'll do!

Until then, I want to talk about music. Yes, music.

In my quest to remain inspired, I find myself listening to a variety of tunes. Certain types of music (Coldplay, the Frames) are great as background noise to keep me focused on my computer screen. But at times, I find myself in need of something to set the mood. In doing so, I've happened upon a number of pieces that I feel capture the essence of some of my current and forthcoming scenes.

Here is a very abbreviated list of what I've been listening to.

The Balamb Garden theme from Final Fantasy 8 has been a consistent boon, and it goes particularly well with Tru's stroll through the Citadel academy in chapter 1,The Autumn Garden, as well as with the rush of students in chapter 11, If the Stars are Willing.

KOTOR: Bastila's theme. Though it has a Star-Warsy feel to it, the music's tension and somberness, when contrasted with the strength of the Bastila character, goes well with Tru's musings in the third chapter, Ghosts of Chimon-Jing.

KOTOR 2: The Jedi The haunting and tragic feeling of this song, when contrasted with its regal moments, narrates well the tense meeting of the Authority's leaders in chapter 5, The Conclave.

Holding my Thoughts in My Heart from Final Fantasy 7 is a memorable piece of music from the game, and, unfortunately, is relegated solely to Mt. Corel...which probably means nothing to you. Anyway, the piece goes nicely with a sunrise in the Argurial Forest, perhaps a slight reprieve from the difficult situation in which Laro and Sylvester find themselves in chapter 4, The Demon.

Unfortunately, The Last Airbender soundtrack is not available on Youtube. However, if you are really, really inclined, you might check some of the preview clips on or a similar merchant for tracks 6 and 12, "Hall of the Avatars" and "Flow Like Water." The former in particular goes very well with a yet unwritten scene. Another piece by James Newton Howard, however, is available online. The Great Eatlon from Lady in the Water has inspired what is, without doubt, the most epic thing I've ever imagined. I am not misusing 'epic' here. Listen to the music.

Silence and Motion from Final Fantasy 8, while not going with any scene in particular, has been in the background during much of the writing of the novel.

The boss theme from Final Fantasy 13 between 0:38 and 1:16 was in my mind while imagining a yet-unwritten part of the chapter 19, To Reap a Whirlwind. The same goes for 0:55-1:25 of The Opened Way from Shadow of the Colossus.

The Planets, Op. 32, Saturn, 3:00-3:28 fits well with the city of Daio and her capital tower. This crescendo in the music creates a sense of awe, magnifying the smallness of the listener. The massive city and tower create such feelings in their visitors in chapter 19, To Reap a Whirlwind.

In My Head and Tetsujin, 1:28 to the end from the Matrix Revolutions soundtrack, in conjunction with one another constitute a pretty interesting moment, though who, what, when, where, how and why are classified.

The Lunatic Pandora theme from Final Fantasy 8 is an ominous piece from one of the coolest gaming dungeons (in my opinion) which has been a bit of an inspiration for another yet unwritten part of the story.

Finally, the theme of the Lifestream from Final Fantasy 7 fits beautifully with the way I imagine one particular moment in a yet unnumbered chapter entitled The Winter Garden.

Here's to hoping a little insight into what I've been listening piques your interest regarding what you can expect to be reading when this work is complete. Thanks for reading!