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Expanding Influences

Word count: 95,043 in Microsoft Word (Open Office counts words more liberally, apparently!)
Pages: 407 in MS word, 12-point Arial font, 1-inch margins.
Listening to: The Normandy Reborn from Mass Effect 2

After a laborious couple of delayed flights into and out of the eye of a snowstorm in Charlotte en route to Chicago, I landed to deal with the crash of a hard drive, and am now faced with the likely prospect of losing the book notes and bibliography for my master's thesis in addition to reference material and extensive pieces of dialog for the novel. Also lost a lost of great quotes from Tite Tienou. *Sigh*

But the manuscript is fine. And, I suppose, that is all that really matters.

Pretty much since the beginning, I've kept a running log of references to help me visualize my characters and settings (PS: a lot of the work I did in this arena over break was lost with the hard drive.) As the story's main protagonist, it goes without saying that in this regard, I've put the m…

Tunes to Groove to

The past few days have been productive, totaling some 3,000+ additional words. Currently, I am running at 96,000 words on the whole, with over 10,000 in chapter 19 (my current) equating to about 75% of that chapter's completion.

I've taken a very interesting step by commissioning an artist to do a piece of concept art. I've received an initial sketch, and after payment goes through on Wednesday, the final result will be displayed in an upcoming blog. I'm excited to see what she'll do!

Until then, I want to talk about music. Yes, music.

In my quest to remain inspired, I find myself listening to a variety of tunes. Certain types of music (Coldplay, the Frames) are great as background noise to keep me focused on my computer screen. But at times, I find myself in need of something to set the mood. In doing so, I've happened upon a number of pieces that I feel capture the essence of some of my current and forthcoming scenes.

Here is a very abbreviated list of what I'…