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One Year Later

Current Word Count: ~90,000 in the manuscript.
Listening to: Not too much of anything recently.

November 5th marks the 1-year anniversary of my completion of the first draft of the first chapter of ARK.

For any unversed readers of this blog, the novel follows two alternating story lines from the points of view of Tru Arneau, a powerful Telepath in the ranks of the Magisterial Authority, and Laro Sadoleto, a crime boss of the Antipodes who finds himself in the jaws of the World's most dangerous fugitive. Each story line contains its own specific characters: we learn of the workings of the Authority as Tru traverses the vaunted halls of the Citadel while weaving her way through the political spider web to achieve her own goal: justice at any cost. And we see both the vast expanses of natural beauty and the grimy back alleys of port city of Fair Havens as Laro is forced into the service of the fugitive Sa'ava on pain of death.

The (current) novel synopsis is as follows: