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What People Are Saying (Ego Stroke GOGO!)

Current word count: ~87,000
Listening to: The Wallflowers, "The Difference"


As I steadily approach the closing of the first book of the novel, I realize that in the face of a number non-book-related responsibilities (umm, seminary) it is possible that I need to encourage myself by reading over some of the comments I've received on ARK since I first started writing it. I think I just need to hear this for myself, but if you feel like reading over a few of the comments I've received, well, I'm sure it's better than playing ball-in-cup or something.

Also, publishing is kind of a frightening, nebulous monster to me at the moment. I wonder if these statements will be helpful when the time comes?

All comments come from reviews on the first half of the first chapter.


This is fantastic; I'm already hooked.

I really look forward to reading more.

I love your writing. I'm a definite fan, and hope you keep the chapters coming.

Tease with the bait, then lure 'em a little closer...WAIT! I think I'm in the net already!

I'm hooked, it was brilliant, great word choices, you grabbed my emotions and played them well.


I want to say that your writing ability is amazing. It's refreshing to see such beautiful prose. Do you also write poetry? I suspect you do. I just finished reading and I want to applaud you and this work. The first chapter is beautifully written and gripping.

I really enjoyed your writing and you can tell how much time and effort you have put into it!

Seems like you've got enough fabulous critiques... Everyone already said what I was gonna' say!

The first paragraph gave me chills.

I think this is a great story and is going somewhere.

I've read a lot of things on this site. This is the best so far.

My goodness gracious this is just wondeful. What a great job. You're a very good writer. I will be interested to read more.

G** d*** you're a good writer.

A very well written piece.

I really enjoyed it and I'd love to read more.

Solid, well-written with really intriguing content. Delivery is spot-on. It's no wonder you've received such great feedback.

Now I'm hooked.

This is an intriguing idea, and very well-written in general.

I just can't get over your wonderful descriptions. I pointed out a couple of my favorites, but they were all good. Again, left with questions and the desire to seek the answers. Always a good thing to do to your reader in a novel!

You have excellent descriptions.

Great story so far. I wish I had more to say about it that might be helpful to you. You have a very polished product already. I look forward to reading the next chapter!

I really look forward to seeing this in print.

Your descriptive abilities are fantastic.

I am a big fan of fantasy works and I can see myself becoming a big fan of this work and you as a writer.

I have tried very hard to critique your work and can only say great things about it. The words are beautifully used and create great scenes and mood. The characters are well rounded with good and bad points and the dialogue was fluid and believable. I am so jealous of your art but it had inspired me to focus and concentrate on my own.

This was extremely interesting and I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Just call me "hooked" for short.

It's very, very good. At this point I wouldn't do too much more as you risk overworking the piece. The opening paragraph is gorgeous!

Well done. It's wonderfully crafted.