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What People Are Saying (Ego Stroke GOGO!)

Current word count: ~87,000
Listening to: The Wallflowers, "The Difference"


As I steadily approach the closing of the first book of the novel, I realize that in the face of a number non-book-related responsibilities (umm, seminary) it is possible that I need to encourage myself by reading over some of the comments I've received on ARK since I first started writing it. I think I just need to hear this for myself, but if you feel like reading over a few of the comments I've received, well, I'm sure it's better than playing ball-in-cup or something.

Also, publishing is kind of a frightening, nebulous monster to me at the moment. I wonder if these statements will be helpful when the time comes?

All comments come from reviews on the first half of the first chapter.


This is fantastic; I'm already hooked.

I really look forward to reading more.

I love your writing. I'm a definite fan, and hope you keep the chapters coming.

Tease with the bait, then lure '…