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Map of the World

Current Word Count: ~77,000 in the manuscript, ~92,000 with later material that is already written.
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After a sickening amount of time working on the World map, I've finally reached a point where I feel comfortable posting part of it: the northern hemisphere.

Initially, the map encompassed everything you see below and nothing more, but I decided to add a southern hemisphere for various reasons. At this point in my thinking, I don't believe we'll have anything going on down in the south during the events of the first book, though there is a serious likelihood you will see some events in books 2 & 3 taking place in the southern hemisphere.

Not that anyone reading this will remember that when the time comes, but, figured I'd put it out there anyhow.

The red line indicates the equator. City key for New Earth in top right. Mile marker in bottom left.

Areas of the Wildlands are not in…