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The Sistine Chapel

Current Word Count: ~73,500 in the manuscript, ~88,500 with later material that is already written.

Listening To: Flow Like Water by James Newton Howard from The Last Airbender soundtrack.


My last update was written from my vantage point at my grandparents' kitchen table in North Carolina. Despite having traveled from Tampa, to Alabama, to South Carolina, to North Carolina, to Virginia to Ft. Lauderdale and finally back to Tampa, I managed to get a significant amount of writing done. My last update had us somewhere in "chapter 13/14 land." We are now staked knee-deep in the middle of chapter 17, bracing for the upcoming moment when the dual plot lines will collide.

I find myself at a difficult juncture, because as Jerome K. Jerome wrote, "Idleness, to be sweet, like kisses must be stolen."

Now, I don't want to say that writing is idleness. Writing is not idleness, and if you want to tell me writing is idleness, I will print out all 287 pages of my manuscr…