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Dark Humor

Current Word Count: ~54,700 in the manuscript, ~70,000 with later material that is already written.

Listening To: Final Fantasy VIII Soundtrack: Martial Law


After an exhausting first year of seminary, chapters 1-10 of the novel are down on paper, with 6,500 words going strong in chapter 11. The story has taken numerous twists and turns - many of which I myself did not foresee or intend - but I have to say that I am pleased with progress, all things considered, as well as the unfolding of the plot.

Thus far, the vast majority of readers seem very intrigued by the story, and some of the biggest critiques are, "Write more!" While this is both flattering and encouraging, the fact remains the chapters 4-10 are in need of significant editing and proofreading. Due to the escalating busy-ness of their lives, my first two (favorite!) readers have been too occupied to provided consistent feedback of late. That, coupled with my need for a wider range of opinions and my momentous "10th chapter" benchmark has caused me to seek more readers.

I decided after chapter 5 that I was no longer going to make the manuscript available to the general internet community on (I also lost my free 6-month premium membership...) so it became necessary to procure assistance from people I know and trust. Since I am a very blessed young man, I have had no shortage of new dedicated, trustworthy readers - 7, to be exact - the opinions of whom I await with bated breath. This brings my total reader count up to 9, apart from the variegated opinions I received on the first few chapters from


The story is just about ready to hit its first major climax in chapter 13(in the words of Samuel L. Jackson's character from Jurassic Park: "Hold on to your butts!') and I have to say it's about effin time. I'm honestly taken aback by how long it's taken to flesh out the story to a point that I feel is adequate. Details, twists and even characters (Laro!) were invented on-the-fly while I wrote, and now, I couldn't imagine the story without those people, places and little minutiae.

All of that being said, I'm really proud of the progress that's taken place so far and I'm excited about where things are going. The world of ARK has really blown up under my feet; I don't know how I made all this crap up.

Stuff's about to his the fan, because our parallel story lines are about to intertwine (better word: 'collide') and you're not gonna' wanna' miss the fireworks show.


In other news, I finally broke down and bought a laptop, which will make it very easy to continue writing as I travel across the southeast beginning June 5. I hope that different faces and places will provide ample inspiration for further writing.

My word count goal for the end of summer is 100,000. At the current rate (something like 4,000 since I got home) I don't anticipate having a problem reaching that number by the time school starts on August 25.

Thesis shmesis! I've always wanted to be a writer, anyway!

No but really, I have to start on my thesis this year.


A Moment of Dark Humor from the Book, for Your Entertainment

Dang pointed to their teacups. “Good stuff, eh? A lot better than the dreamroot.”

Laro was in no mood to pillow talk with Sa’ava, though whatever it was, he had to admit it was marvelous.

“I’m glad you liked it,” he nonchalantly replied, gesturing at Laro’s cup. “It’s helmsman’s folly, so-named because the first thing to go is your equilibrium. Soon after you’ll collapse, break into wild convulsions and start ejecting your liquefied viscera out your rears.”

Laro and Sylvester’s didn’t blink. The latter dropped his cup. Dang effortlessly cushioned it with an invisible current of Telekinesis.

“You like this, don’t you, you sick son of a queer? It’s all good fun for you? That I’m gonna’ crap myself to death?” Laro shouted.

“There are worse ways to die.”

“Yeah?! Like what?!”

Dang scowled. “I take you outside and throw you repeatedly into a tree until your limbs hang from your body like flimsy rags. And then you crap yourself to death.”

Sylvester shook his head “no” at Laro, trying to look inconspicuous.