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A Marathon Before I Die

Current Word Count: ~37,000 in the manuscript, ~45,000 with later material that is already written.

Listening To: The Great Eatlon from "Lady in the Water" composed by James Newton Howard


After two months of work, (not to mention those three heinous weeks of busy-ness prior to Spring Break) I have finally completed chapter 5. The length is ~15,700, which amounts to about 40-45% of the whole book thus far, not counting later chapters I've already written.

I feel like the original marathon guy, the one the legend is made up after. He ran 26 miles and then died. That is me right now.

On the plus side, I am very excited about how things are progressing. The end of chapter 5 could probably use some polishing before I'm really okay with it, but overall I like how it worked out.

We get a good look into the history, culture and mythology of the people in the world of ARK. At the same time, we also learn a lot about the past events that have been nagging at Tru for the whole book up to the point of chapter 5.

I made a concerted effort to begin the book with a sense of mystery, for the purpose of keeping readers interested in what is happening and what might happen. In a lot of ways, I feel like chapter 5 is an early "climax" in the sense that a lot of questions are explored. At the same time, though, the answering of these questions also opens up a whole host of questions. "Who is Jek?" "What role did the Arch Magister play in the events that currently plague the characters?" "What's going to happen with Iustinia?" "Will Tru be consumed by her thirst for vengeance?" "Who is Dang, and why did he kill Licinius?"

That of course is not to mention any of the historical/cultural contexts that are discussed.

All of this information is brought up in the context of a leading council (The Quorum) arguing amongst themselves via a series of impassioned speeches. It reminds me of a quote from Robin Williams: Live on Broadway: "[The British] Parliament is like Congress with a two drink minimum."

Chapter 6 will be much shorter, maybe about the same length as chapter 2. Then on to chapter 7, which I've been looking forward to writing for about a month, now.

If you've stuck with me up to this point, you've got my love.


As an endnote, I have to say that The Great Eatlon has inspired the most epic scene I've ever made up. I'm just saying.