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Spreading My Wings

Current Word Count: ~35,000
Listening To: The Mission from Final Fantasy VIII composed by Nobuo Uematsu


With this update, I would like to include a short bio of Tru, one the story's most important characters.

Image of Magister Tru Arneau, Age 21.

Tru Arneau was born in the month of Fthinoporo, 978AT, in Tubegan City, provincial capital of Tubegalia.

Detail zoom of Tubegan City.

The second child of Dr.s Salum and Traute Arneau, Tru seemed fated from birth to live a life of privilege and sufficiency in which she would attend the best schools coin could pay for. But when she unexpectedly began experiencing debilitating migraine headaches at the age of six, her life changed forever.

Using all of their clout, her parents brought her to the keenest physicians in Tubegalia. They were crushed when no medical treatments cured her ailments. Finally, the parents were advised to seek council from the Magisterial Authority, as one of the prominent signs of an awakening Telepath was chronic head…